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WE DID IT! [19 Aug 2011|07:42pm]

[ mood | giddy ]

FINALLY something new to post:


The West Memphis Three are now the West Memphis FREE!!!!

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[19 Feb 2009|01:33pm]

Is it just my connection or is there something seriously wrong with the wm3 site, nothing is happening there at all.....have i missed something? Or is this just a fault?
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The Dresden Dolls fundraising print sale ... [05 Jan 2009|04:08am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

I thought I'd post this here to raise awareness about a fundraising event on my Etsy to raise money for the defense fund of the West Memphis Three (WM3).

Many of you may have heard of them - three young men who were convicted for the murders of three 8 year old boys - with no evidence to convict them apart from the fact that they wore black, read pagan texts and listened to heavy metal music.

You can read about the case here: http://www.wm3.org/live/caseinfo/index.php

I've been lucky enough to have permission from The Dresden Dolls and World/Inferno Friendship Society to use photographs of them to raise funds for the defense fund.

My first photograph (of Brian Viglione) is on sale on Etsy now. ALL profit will go to the fund.

You can see the listing here: http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=19336960

Please please please take some time to firstly read about the case - you may or may not agree with whether the WM3 are innocent - however - if you live in the USA you SHOULD be concerned about the continuation of their incarceration with NO evidence to convict them. Watch Paradise Lost 1 and 2 about the case also!

Then PLEASE purchase a print - go on - $20 to help these boys get a fair trial!

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Today's hearing for the West Memphis Three [20 Aug 2008|02:20pm]


Hearings today began to see if Damien Echols will be granted a new trial in early September this year. Check it out. FREE THE WEST MEMPHIS THREE!
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Help us out? [10 Jul 2008|08:37pm]

Please help out MONGREL...Huge supporters of the WM3

They helped raise over $1000 over WM3 Awareness Weekend!! One QUICK click can help them out! No Signup, just a click!!

Thanks guys and gals.

Ill delete the double post in a second this is the proper one.
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West Memphis 3:ROCK FOR FREEDOM WEEKEND ...MARCH [18 Jan 2008|12:54pm]

Dear West Memphis Three Supporters:

We’ve begun a new fundraising event for the WM3; “Rock for Freedom Weekend”, to take place March 7-9 all over the US and abroad.

Before I go into the event itself, here is the latest letter from Lorri Davis Echols, Damien Echols’ wife, regarding the Defense Fund:

January 2, 2008

Dear Friends & Supporters:

As a new year begins, we are also starting a new round of work to fully – and finally – exonerate the West Memphis Three. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that my husband, Damien Echols, has been on death row for nearly 15 years and that Jessie Misskelley and Jason Baldwin have also spent their entire adult lives in prison for a crime they did not commit.

As you know, in late October we filed a 500-page motion in federal court with strong scientific evidence that all three men are innocent of the murders for which they were wrongfully convicted in 1993. This motion includes DNA testing on dozens of pieces of evidence, analysis from the nation’s leading forensic science experts, other solid scientific evidence and compelling witness affidavits. There was no credible evidence presented when these three men were on trial; they were convicted based on fear, hysteria and innuendo. With our recent court filing, reliable scientific evidence finally came into this case, nearly 14 years after Damien, Jessie and Jason were wrongfully convicted.

We urgently need your help to make sure this evidence is fully considered. With your help, the strong scientific evidence will have its day in court, and Damien, Jessie and Jason can finally see justice.

The harsh reality is that uncovering clear evidence that the West Memphis Three are innocent isn’t enough. A few weeks after we shared this extraordinary evidence with the federal court, we received an order from the judge saying we must resolve claims in state court before the federal courts will look at the evidence. The legal team has spent countless hours developing a strategy and plan to focus the court on this new evidence. Today, our lawyers – some of the nation’s best and most dedicated appellate attorneys – formally asked the state court to separate the new evidence from pending claims and review it quickly.

Simply put, today we told the court that this evidence is too important and too powerful to let sit any longer.

In the weeks and months ahead, our lawyers will be preparing to argue this new evidence in either state or federal court. At the same time, our investigators are pursuing even more new evidence that the West Memphis Three are innocent. I need to be honest with you: It is frustrating to come so far, only to see that we have farther to go. As Damien said recently during an hour-long “Larry King Live” interview, “You know, the legal system, they like to drag things out as long as they possibly can. Like I say, I've been here almost 15 years now.”

I want to write you a letter simply thanking you – from the bottom of our hearts – for your support and generosity that made it possible for us to uncover this new evidence. We are more grateful than you can ever know, yet we also need your help more than ever. We urgently need financial contributions to help pay for the legal work, investigation and organizing efforts that will correct this grave injustice once and for all. Please make a donation to the Defense Fund today.

Please make checks payable to:

Damien Echols Defense Fund
PO Box 1216
Little Rock, AR 72203

You can also donate online, through PayPal. It's easy, free and allows you to use your credit or debit card. We also suggest that International Supporters use this option. Please use LDavis11@hotmail.com as the recipient address and kindly include your name and address in the notes box. The button you can click to include your address does not always work.

Over the last several years – and particularly the last several months – we have been overwhelmed by the support and generosity of longtime friends and people just learning about the case. Shortly after we made the new evidence public, a group of supporters in Arkansas began organizing to put political pressure on the Governor, Attorney General and District Attorney. Thousands of people, many of them in Arkansas and Tennessee, came forward to demand that the new evidence be fully considered.

The message is clear: The public wants elected officials to respect the scientific evidence, and most people – even those who once believed that the West Memphis Three were guilty – believe that the case is an intolerable miscarriage of justice. In the months ahead, we will be expanding these organizing and public education efforts, just as we redouble our litigation strategy to exonerate Damien, Jessie and Jason.

Thank you for everything you have already done. Without your help, we would not be on the verge of finally securing justice. And thank you in advance for making a donation that will enable us to finally overturn these convictions and free Damien, Jessie and Jason.

Thanks very much,
Lorri Davis
and the Damien Echols Legal Team


.Lorri Davis Echols and the folks at WM3.org as well as ourselves, at the “Rock for Freedom Weekend” sites, have all shifted into high gear, if you haven’t noticed, to raise funds as quickly as possible. If we cannot replenish the WM3 Defense Fund, and the lawyers are not paid, the WM3’s appeals will stop in their tracks. The lawyers working for Damien, Jason, & Jessie are damn good ones, and with quality comes a price. Not only have the fees for the lawyers, and investigators, risen considerably, new testing will be needed (DNA, and possibly other types), and these tests are astronomically expensive.

YOU DON’T NEED OUR PERMISSION TO DO ANYTHING! YOU DON’T HAVE TO CONTACT US! If you know what you’re doing and don’t need help, knock yourself out! It will benefit you and your show though if you put up your info on the Ezboard AND mail it to supporters@wm3.org so your show will be promoted online!

If everyone would please take the time to view our Myspace Site & our RFFW Website and consider organizing a benefit of your own. The WM3 Defense Fund is in dire need of funds currently.





1. If you are interested in doing a benefit for the “Rock For Freedom Weekend” event March 7-9, PLEASE be sure to post in the RFFW section on Ezboard. Then check your post about once a week to see if others are trying to contact you. CLICK HERE FOR RFFW ON EZBOARD
2. Response to RFFW is coming in slowly, but we need everyone to pick up the pace! We know it’s the holidays, so we don’t expect anyone to be ignoring one to do the other, so please contact us after the holidays if that’s best for your schedule! FUNDS ARE NEEDED DESPERATELY RIGHT NOW, so we’ve got to give this event our ALL. PLEASE GET INVOLVED & INSPIRE YOUR FRIENDS TO DO THE SAME! We’re looking for celebs or well known musicians to get involved as well, by simply displaying our RFFW banner on their websites…so if you know someone famous who’s a Supporter, please let us know!
3. Another WM3-related event is happening in Texas on the Rock for Freedom Weekend (March 7-9). THIS EVENT WILL NOT EFFECT RFFW EVENTS, and things will continue as planned. The silent auction at the Horror Fest lasts all weekend, so Supporters can participate in both!
4. Also, if you’re interested in doing an event, or participating in one, contact your RFFW Coordinator! (The list is on the front of our Myspace page) CLICK HERE TO FIND YOUR COORDINATOR
5. PLEASE put a RFFW banner up on your site, linking to our Myspace site. You can find banners BY CLICKING HERE
6. Please BLOG ABOUT RFFW ON YOUR MYSPACE SITE! You’re welcome to use one of the announcements on OUR Myspace site, the one that’s up on WM3.org, or you can do your own. JUST PLEASE BLOG ABOUT IT…so many people read your blogs and we need to spread the word as much as possible!
7. Read the “How To” page on the RFFW Website. It will answer many of your questions, whether you’ve done a benefit before or not! CLICK FOR RFFW WEBSITE
8. If you have ANY questions you can’t find an answer for, please contact us here! We’re here to help you!

***And, if you are already in the process of setting up a show or have one set up completely, PLEASE CONTACT US HERE AT OUR MYSPACE SITE WITH ALL YOUR SHOW DETAILS AS WE’RE GOING TO PUT UP A “SHOW”-SECTION TO PROMOTE ALL SHOWS…..AND…..SEND THE SAME INFORMATION TO WM3.ORG SO THEY CAN PUT IT UP AS WELL!!! Email your show info to: supporters@wm3.org ****

We hope all of you had a wonderful holiday!!

We’re back and ready to get down to business……I hope you guys are too!

Much love,

Boohiss, STL, & the RFFW Crew
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WM3 Rally [19 Dec 2007|10:17pm]

They just did a story on the news (not on the website yet), there was some sort of statement from the Govenor stating that he believed they needed a new trial (just so you know, I was in the other room and my mother called me in to tell me about it.)

Here was the only story I could find about it...


Rally held for 'West Memphis Three'

This article was published on Wednesday, December 19, 2007 7:12 PM CST in News

By Rob Moritz

LITTLE ROCK -- Supporters of three men convicted as teens in the deaths of three second-graders proclaimed their innocence at a Capitol rally Wednesday and said new evidence would exonerate the trio known as the West Memphis Three.

"It's not about opinion any more, it's not about debate, it's about science," Dixie Chicks lead singer Natalie Maines told about 200 supporters of Jason Baldwin, Damien Echols and Jesse Misskelley, who have been imprisoned for nearly 15 years following their convictions in the 1993 murders in West Memphis.

Maines took to a stage at the foot of the Capitol steps with Echols' wife, Lorri Davis, at the rally spurred by new DNA evidence that lawyers for the three say cast doubt on their convictions.

Supporters also unfurled a banner, several hundred feet long, of post cards sent from around the world in support of the three. About 2,000 letters of support also were placed at the base of a podium.

"Looking at these post cards and letters is exactly why I'm here," Maines told the crowd. "These letters will matter. It forces elected officials to know that we are watching."

Echols and Baldwin each were convicted of capital murder and Misskelley was convicted of first- and second-degree murder in the deaths of second-graders Steve Branch, Christopher Byers and Michael Moore. The boys disappeared while riding bicycles in their tree-lined blue-collar neighborhood in West Memphis. Their bodies were found a day later in a drainage ditch

Misskelley was sentenced to life in prison plus 40 years, Baldwin was sentenced to life without parole and Echols received the death penalty.

The case has gained international attention over the years -- there have been two HBO documentaries -- and last month, attorneys for the three offered new DNA evidence in the case and asked for a new hearing. A federal judge asked the state attorney general's office to examine the evidence first.

Supporters contend Baldwin, Echols and Misskelley were convicted on largely circumstantial evidence because they listened to heavy metal music. At the time, authorities pushed the notion that the murders were part of a Satanic act.

However, the Arkansas Supreme Court said in its decision upholding the convictions that Misskelley, in a confession he gave police, had knowledge of the injuries inflicted on the boys that "suggests he was in physical proximity to the activities taking place and took a much more active role than he admitted."

Maines, who Wednesday called the convictions an "absolute injustice," said she became aware of the case only recently after watching the HBO documentaries. She said she made a donation to a defense fund established to help the three men as they continue to fight for their freedom.

Maines said Echols' wife later got in touch with her and thanked her for the support. The two got to know each other and Maines later agreed to attend Wednesday's rally, she said.

After Wednesday's rally, Maines, Davis and rally organizer Cappi Peck of Little Rock carried the letters to Gov. Mike Beebe's office, where they met with the governor's chief counsel, Tim Gauger, spokesman Matt DeCample and communications director Grant Tennille. Beebe was away from the Capitol speaking at a luncheon.

"It went well," Davis said after the 15-minute meeting.

"We asked what we should be doing and they said continue to do what you are doing," Peck said. "It was very positive."

DeCample described the meeting as "very cordial," and said the women were told the governor could do little because the case is in court.

Attorney General Dustin McDaniel said Tuesday his office is reviewing the evidence and any decisions made would be based on evidence, not public opinion.

Maines said Wednesday she understood the governor and attorney general would not make decisions based on the petitions or post cards.

"This gives the cause wings and draws attention to it," she said. "I'm absolutely fine with them just looking at the evidence."

Supporter Amber Padgett of Gravel Ridge, who carried a sign saying the three men were innocent, said she hopes they get a new trial.

"They should be retried in a new court, new venue with new evidence," Padgett said before the rally.

Jay Gray of Little Rock said he was in a punk rock band and has performed several benefits where all of the money raised went to the West Memphis Three's defense fund.

"I've been following this case for a long time," said the 35-year-old said, who also said he thought the three were innocent.

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[02 Nov 2007|08:52am]

ABC News has a new report about the case. There's also a small video clip - unfortunately the video interviews John Mark Byers. He claims he no longer believes the 3 are guilty and has forgiven them. And there's some new DNA and other scientific evidence revealed. Very interesting...

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WM3 CASE UPDATES & LETTER FROM LORRI [11 Oct 2007|04:00am]

Hey all, Boohiss here!

I've got some updates I thought I'd throw up for anyone cruisin' through here who isn't caught up!

First, here is the lastest word from Lorri Davis, Damien Echols' wife:

August 21, 2007

As you may be aware, we're approaching the home stretch of the crusade to get our friends Damien Echols, Jason Baldwin and Jessie Misskelley, Jr. the justice they've been fighting to see for almost a decade and a half. There is much to be optimistic about and though we are in encouraging times, they are also the most expensive times for the development of their case. Funding has never been more crucial.

Over the years many generous people have given selflessly to this cause, and they have watched as substantial progress has been made with their help. Now the time has come to put the pedal to the metal for the most grueling miles in this victory for justice. In order to finish legal work, investigative work and various legal processes, the Damien Echols Defense Fund needs funding urgently, and this us asking you to help the West Memphis Three now by donating whatever amount you are able to afford at your earliest convenience.

After Damien, Jason and Jessie are free, there will obviously no longer be a need for a "Free The West Memphis Three" website, but we have decided to leave wm3.org running for as long as we can to show the world what happened, and how it was eventually resolved. We don't want anyone to forget this case because we don't want to see it happen again.

Once our friends are free, we want to create a page on the site to show gratitude to the people who have donated, worked, organized and fought all these years, and we're opening inclusion up to anyone who donates more than $200 to the Damien Echols Defense Fund between now and the day they're released, with the emphasis on NOW. Your name and photo will be added to this "Friends of the WM3" page as soon as the WM3 are released, and will stay there for as long as we're able to keep the WM3 site up and running after they're free.


The Free the WM3 Support Fund

Here are the methods that you can use to donate to the Damien Echols Defense Fund immediately. Please make your check or money order payable to:

Damien Echols Defense Fund
PO Box 1216
Little Rock, AR 72203

Or use PAYPAL!

It's easy, free and allows you to use your credit card.
We suggest that International Supporters use this option.
Click this link to find out more.

Please use LDavis11@hotmail.com as the "recipient" address.

PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR NAME & ADDRESS TYPED IN YOUR MESSAGE! The button you click to include your address does not always work.


1. Baden, Douglas, Among Top Experts Examining 'West Memphis Three' Case



3. For information on the upcoming "West Memphis Three Week", please CLICK HERE

4. Another International fundraising event for the WM3 is in the early planning stages. It will be held March 7-9. It will be a World Wide "event day", where Supporters across the globe will gather to put on benefit concerts in their hometowns to raise funds for the Defense Fund. With the new developments in the case FUNDRAISING IS NOW MORE CRUCIAL THAN EVER!! MONEY IS DESPERATELY NEEDED TO COVER THE WM3'S LEGAL FEES AND POSSIBLY ANOTHER ROUND OF DNA TESTING! I will announce this event formally after WM3 Week is over. I'll stop by the Livejournal sites and put up links where everyone should go to get info and get AMPED to rock for bucks!

Free the WM3!

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Urgent letter from Lorri Davis and Damien’s Legal Team [08 Aug 2007|11:14pm]


Urgent letter from Lorri Davis and Damien’s Legal Team

Dear Friends & Supporters:

For more than a decade, thousands of you from all over the world have spoken out about the grave injustice in West Memphis, where three men, including my husband, were wrongfully convicted of murder. You have spoken out to raise money and awareness; you have brought widespread attention to this case and refused to let people forget that three men are in prison for a crime they did not commit; and you have made a difference, through creativity, passion and sheer force of will. The families of the West Memphis Three (Damien Echols, Jessie Misskelley and Jason Baldwin) can never thank you enough.

Today, I am writing to you because we urgently need your help. Whether you have supported and followed the case over the years, or you are just learning about this tragic injustice, we need you to step up today.

Over the last two years, compelling new evidence has been discovered by DNA tests, forensic pathologists and investigators. The lawyers are working to assemble what will be a dynamic appeal; one that will change forever the way this case has been perceived, and will prove once and for all -- the innocence of the three convicted. The filing will include new evidence that is backed up with factual, hard science; a miraculous development in this error-ridden case.

Your support over the years has enabled us to achieve unbelievable progress. We're now asking for your help to put all of this effort to work in the courts. We need the resources that will enable our experts, lawyers and investigators to work full time over the next couple of months, so the appeal can be filed as quickly as possible.

Time is running out, and we need your help. Please make checks payable to the Damien Echols Defense Fund, PO Box 1216, Little Rock, AR 72203. You can also donate online, through PayPal to: Ldavis11@hotmail.com.

If you have ever considered donating, the time is NOW. Cases like this take years and cost millions of dollars. We are in the final lap toward overturning these convictions and finally securing justice, but we simply cannot do it without the money it takes to bring all of the science and expertise and investigation into court so that the truth can finally come out.

I am not an expert on the law, science, the criminal justice system or the art of fundraising and organizing. What I know for sure is that these three men are innocent, and that we can prove it if we have the money it will take in the next four weeks to file the appeal that's been more than 10 years in the making. Please help us, and please know that your support has already gotten us farther than many people thought possible.

Thanks very much,

Lorri Davis and the Damien Echols Legal Team

SOURCE: http://wm3.org/splash.php

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Finally!!!! God I hope this gets these boys out!!! [19 Jul 2007|11:03am]


Pass this around to all the WM3 sites please. Im at work and I cant right now. Thanks!
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June 3 in Toronto [24 May 2007|06:32pm]

I'm going to be traveling through Toronto on June 3rd. I don't have time to organize anything, is anyone else organizing something in Toronto?
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WM3 Auction Site Open and Running: Go Sign Up and Bid! [31 Jan 2007|06:28pm]


Several autographed (by Alkaline Trio) items are up for bid on the West Memphis Three Auction site right now!

Currently there are autographed:
1 Guitar

The West Memphis 3 are three men who in 1993, when teens, were wrongfully convicted of murder in Arkansas. Alkaline Trio are very vocal Supporters of the West Memphis Three and have autographed these items for bidding to raise money for the WM3 Defense Fund, which helps pay for lawyers for all three men as well as investigators, DNA testing, and any other fees.

There are many other items autographed by other musicians and celebs as well as some great music, jewelry, books, etc.

If you’d like to see the items and bid, go to the Skeleton Key Auction Site (and extension of Damien Echols’ personal site) and sign up:


To learn more about the West Memphis Three go to:


Good luck to any of you who bid!


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governors? [23 Oct 2006|08:00pm]

[ mood | curious ]

sorry, but this is pretty exclusive to arkansans.

this may have been posted somewhere, and i missed it, but i was wondering if any of the arkansas gubernatorial candidates have expressed any opinions about the WM3...? i have to say this would definitely affect my vote, and i wanted to know if any OFFICIAL views had been expressed by any of the candidates.

thanks in advance.

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[23 Oct 2006|08:17am]

i subscribe to a little something called MORBID FACTS DU JOUR - WHERE BAD THINGS HAPPEN TO GOOD PEOPLE!!

so imagine to my surprize when i found in my e-mail newsletter...this entire article on the first page...

just thought i would share...
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Support Group for Mississippi [09 Oct 2006|01:27am]

After tooling around the wm3.org site, I realized we're one of the few states with no official wm3 support group, so I created one:


Feel free to join, especially if you are interested in helping organize fundraisers or raise awareness.

Cross-posted, sorry.
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[12 Sep 2006|08:39pm]

Please sign this petition

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Michale Graves Interview [27 Jul 2006|06:19pm]

[ mood | exhausted ]

www.krushradio.com or www.worldrockradio.com

Please tune into the Genocydal Empyre V2.O for the long awaited interview with Michale Graves former Lead Singer of Misfits also former lead singer of Gotham Road. Tune in www.krushradio.com 11:30PM Central and 12 AM Eastern. For requests and to ask Michale questions please add DJ Genocyde to your messenger list (lordgenocyde) Dont miss this unforgetable night. Tune In Amp Up And Rock Out with DJ Genocyde!!!!!!

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New Website [02 Jul 2006|02:40pm]

[ mood | working ]

During the course of these few weeks we were finally able to finish the website though we want to add much more stuff to it, & we will be periodically changing the layout. Let your friend's know about it, spread the word!

This website was created by Supporters of the WM3, & we are always more than happy to have you on board as a staff member. Remember that we are here to share our knowledge about the case as well as to learn new stuff from you.

Please sign the guestbook, the shoutbox, & Join our forum!

We are here to help Free The West Memphis Three because we believe a great injustice has been made. Also join our WM3 Livejournal if you have one;)

The West Memphis Three Will Be Set Free Website

Sophia, Damien Cross, Lisa, & Shae

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Northeast Pennsylvania? [30 May 2006|05:47pm]

Hi, I live in the Poconos which is in northeastern pennsylvania. i was wondering if anyone knows of evenst for awareness day happening in the area, pa or nj so i can post the info to my myspace. thanks guys.
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